Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Completed blanket

I finally finished the blanket I've been working on since June.  This is the fastest it's taken me to crochet a blanket! I made this for my Pepere, he doesn't know its for him but I have a feeling he hopes it is. Everytime he's seen it he has asked who's its for.  I was going to save it till christmas but I'm going to give it to him tomorrow.
I'm trying to think of new projects to work on.  I want to make a little pouch to store all of my crochet hooks
because I can't seem to keep them all together!  I'd post a picture but I need to take it apart and use a bigger size crochet hook.  I got this crochet book from the library.  I didn't know there were that many crochet stitches!!!

I was going to write more but I have to start school.☺

Oh and if your wondering about the labels I put under the header I'm worknig on something different and they aren't completed.

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Rebekah said...


Hi! It's Rebekah (herlittlway) from the SMM forum. You must be very proud of your afghan, it looks very well done! Great job! :) What crochet stitch and yarn did you use for this project?

So you need some ideas for future crochet projects? Have you ever went to It is a large knitting and crocheting website where knitters/crocheters share their projects, tips, and even original patterns. It has a treasure trove of patterns to browse through so I highly recommend looking at this site soon.

Cannot wait to see your future creations!