Thursday, January 14, 2010

Long Time....

I had an idea to challange myself to read 100 books in 2010.
So far I've read one book The Five People You Meet in Heaven.
I'm going to make a sidebar for my progress.
I recently started reading some of Regina Doman.
I've read  The Shadow of the Bear. I can't wait to start The Midnight Dancers.


Rebekah said...

Hi Becca,

Nothing does a better job of motivation than a challenge, and you certainly have one! 100 books? I don't think I have even read 20 books in one year.

I've read two of Doman's books so far, the Shadow of the Bear and Black as Night. You should read Black as Night before moving onto Midnight Dancers, since the latter is the third book in the series.

I will be coming back here often to check on your progress. God bless!

In Christ,
Rebekah (herlittleway)

Becca said...

Hi Rebekah,

Thanks for leaving a comment.
I'm really excited about the hundred book challange. I hope it won't end up being to hard to accomplish.

The reason I read The Midnight Night Dancers second is becaue its not closely related between the first three books and I'm still waiting to recieve Black as Night from my library.

Thanks for reading!
God bless.


Sand Mama said...

YOu need to blog more, you are a really good writer. See if you can work school assignments into it somehow.

I have to say, when I was your age, I loved the Dune series by Frank Herbert. But I was painfully nerd-y.

See you soon!

Becca said...

Thanks Silvia!!

I just don't always know what to write about!!

Any ideas are welcome!!! :)

I'll have to see how I can work school assignments into a post soon.

I've never heard of that author before. I'll have to explore some of his books. Thanks for commenting.


Tess said...

Oooh I love Regina Doman's books! I've read all of them except the sequel to The Shadow of the Bear (I forget what it's called). Did you like it? What did you think? Her works can be quite emotionally intense sometimes but she tells a great story!

Becca said...


Thanks for commenting on my blog! I can't believe anyone would comment even after I haven't blogged for so long!

Its so long since I have read Regina's books but looking at the list I think the only ones I haven't read are: Black as Night, Waking Rose, and Alex O'Donnell. I know I enjoyed them, although it been so long I don't remember the details! You're right, her stories can be intense sometimes! I think its about time to read them again, whenever I get a chance!!

Thanks again!